Mozilla Firefox temporarily blocks Adobe Flash due to security reason


After yesterday’s news that Facebook’s new chief security officer wants to set a date to kill Flash once and for all, the latest version Mozilla’s Firefox browser now blocks Adobe’s vulnerability-riddled software as standard. Mark Schmidt, the head of the Firefox support team at Mozilla, tweeted that all versions of Flash Player are blocked in the browser as of its latest update, accompanying the news with an image showing a raised fist and the phrase “Occupy Flash.”

We are committed to protecting our users from security risks. That’s why – following an Adobe alert about critical vulnerabilities – we temporarily blocked ‪#‎Flash in Firefox.

Adobe has published a blog post discussing these vulnerabilities and can download the appropriate updates by visiting the Adobe Flash Center. Make certain to un-click the bundled McAfee downloader before beginning the process. We strongly recommend installing these updates if you must continue using Flash.

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