Xiaomi’s Smart Shoes Launched at Incredibly Affordable Prices

Xiaomi’s Smart Shoes

If you were surprised with Xiaomi’s Air purifier and Water Purifier, then here’s its newest exciting announced – a smart shoe. Xiaomi and Li Ning are set to compete against the likes of Adidas miCoach Speed Cell and Nike’s iPod-connected shoes. 4,000).

Both version of shoes come with latest Bluetooth chip that connects the smartphone are are equipped with military grade motion sensor chips.

This shoes are also able to collect data like how many steps are taken, calories burnt, and other fitness-related data.

The smart shoes have waterproof design to make it possible for users to wash them at their home.

The Xiaomi Smart Shoes are said to have motion and pressure sensors that record your walking and running patterns.

Xiaomi’s smart trainers, designed by Sportswear brand Li Ning, will soon be available boasting a £20 price tag but will only be in China for now. However, there is no details about their launch in other regions. Li-Ning is a famous Chinese brand that manufactures products for consumers who participate in various sports and fitness activities.

The technology for the Smart Shoes has been provided by Huami Technology, which has also partnered with Xiaomi for its Michigan Band wearable.

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