Volvo recalls XC90 new family car because of rear airbags problem


Volvo has been forced into a safety recall of its XC90 seven-seater. The AustralianVolvo has been forced into a safety recall of its XC90 seven-seater just days after it went on sale.

The Swedish carmaker says airbags designed to protect occupants in the third row “may not inflate as fully intended”, which could “increase the risk of injury” in a crash.

Volvo spokesman Greg Bosnich said the problem had been identified during testing of the system and had not emerged as the result of an accident.

“The airbag itself is fine,” he said, “and no other Volvo model is affected.” Mr Bosnich said a stop had been placed on vehicles and it was unlikely any of 232 affected cars were in customers’ hands yet.

“We fixed it at our compounds or the dealers fixed it at their yards before handing the cars over,” he said. The fix involved fitting­ a guiding bracket within the body of the car to ensure the airbag deployed correctly.

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