Rare fossils discovered of dinosaur Austrosaurus, in old dig at Richmond, Queensland. 3.5/5 (2)

Source: abc.net.au

More fossils of the exotic Austrosaurus Mckillopi were found at a dig in Clutha Station, Richmond in north-west Queensland. The team of paleontologists held their breath as they uncovered the ribs of this gigantic herbivore which is one of the missing pieces of the Australian paleontological history.

The dinosaur was first known when a few pieces of its vertebrae were discovered at the same site in 1932. Further digs at the site yielded no results at the time and it was believed that the site was lost. But, it seems that the fossils had always been there and more bones are pushing up through the soil with time.

“With differences in climate you have the soil expanding and contracting and that’s forcing  bones up through the soil,” (Dr. Holland, curator of Kronosaurus Korner at Richmond).

Source: abc.net.au

Beyond the fact that it was a herbivorous animal with a barrel-like body and four pillar-like legs, and that it roamed the earth about a 104 million years ago; scientists do not know much about the rare dinosaur.

The bones will be displayed for the first time today at Kronosaurus Korner museum in Richmond.

“At 6:30pm we’ve got our gala dinner that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the museum and the bones will be revealed to the public there,” he said.

“We’re very, very excited — they haven’t been seen by anybody on display yet.” – Dr. Holland.

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