Australia – Eat barbeque or be barbeque? 4.5/5 (4)

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Australia is waiting for the temperature to rise to begin its much awaited barbeque season. Forecasts predict that temperatures will rise to more than 30 degrees for Sydney and Adelaide and will be between 25 and 35 for Melbourne and Hobart. Although this change in weather is an annual seasonal occurrence, the Bureau of Meteorology fears that it is more than just that. Forecasts have estimated that the 30 plus temperatures are to sustain for four consecutive days in Sydney, an unusually long period compared to normal activity.

They are afraid of an El Nino event being the cause of this abnormal weather and have cautioned residents about the implications. Experience of past encounters with El Nino reveals that most of them herald rainfall in the northern hemisphere but long and intense droughts in the south. 17 of the last 26 El Ninos brought drought to Australia.

Experts had already predicted that based on data of the past three years, which have recorded some of the highest temperatures ever, the El Nino of 2015 was building to be “the Godzilla of El Ninos”, more fierce than any known before. It is also expected that the El Nino accompanied rainfall this year will be below average. With a forecast of 30 and less; Perth, Canberra and Darwin are not expected to be much affected by this uncertain and unpleasant turn of events.

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