Bombing in Afghan kills clinic workers 5/5 (1)

MSF hospital in Kunduz before bombing. Source:

An MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) clinic in Kunduz, Afghanistan was bombed on Saturday at 02:10 am (local time) and lost several of its workers. Another medical facility was damaged as US forces directed an air strike in the area five minutes later “against individuals threatening the force”. The incident is currently under investigation. The extent of loss of life is not yet confirmed as the charity facility does not have final figures of estimated people present at the time. More than 180 people are thought to have been there and as many as 30 people are unaccounted for.

MSF workers watch as their hospital goes up in flames. Source:

Kunduz became the first major city to have succumbed to Taliban control in the last 14 years after its capture earlier in the week. Being a transport hub and a source of food for its neighbours, the city is of strategic importance in the war between Taliban and the government.

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