Living with strangers – Dadri mob-lynching 5/5 (2)


In a shocking display of violence, a 50 year old muslim was dragged from his home and ripped apart by an angry mob in Dadri, India. Dadri is a relatively quiet locality and has never before seen such an episode of communal hostility.

This event is as ominous as it is mournful. How could the mob have possibly justified this murder to itself, let alone to the rest of the world? We live in an age where we are constantly being removed from the better aspects of life as we try to compete with the rest of the world and struggle to make a name, a kingdom of our own. We believe in getting things done and doing them fast. We believe in standing for what we believe in and fighting for our cause. We believe in action, not thought.

It is difficult to reason with individuals so bent on their opinions. The eyes of the predator does not see reason, they only see the target. We have inherited the spirit of our ancestors but not their wisdom. Without direction we are just a pack of chaotic wild geese. As the bar of justification for atrocious acts gets dangerously lower every day, we are getting divided within ourselves, closing ourselves to outsiders; so much so that living with our neighbours is becoming like living with strangers.

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