Shashank Manohar heads BCCI again 5/5 (1)


After relinquishing presidency in 2011 and deciding not to be involved in the affairs of the BCCI, Shashank Manohar was obliged to return as the president of BCCI. His appointment was a unanimous decision of all parties concerned. Not a day in his seat and he has already declared a flurry of changes and reforms for the organization. The BCCI has been losing trust from fans in recent years, what with the whole scandal with former president Srinivasan. Manohar’s main aim is to restore that trust by bringing more transparency in the organization.

“The BCCI is a huge brand in itself. This brand was created because of the love of the fans. In the last few years, the confidence of cricket fans has been shaken due to certain unpleasant things. It is the duty of all members of the board to build back the reputation for which a lot of administrators have worked hard,” he said.

He has promised a major revamp in the organization in the next two months and a shift in its work structure and activities. He laid emphasis on the issue of conflict of interest which he seeks to resolve by the appointment of an impartial authority and by bringing reforms to remove the concept of a chairman’s vote. He believes that more decisions, like selecting member’s representatives to meetings, should be based on member’s opinions rather than the president’s.

Regarding transparency, he intends to make public expenditures exceeding Rs. 25 lakh. He will collaborate with independent investigating agencies to resolve issues of corruption. All audit reports of state associations shall be verified by an independent auditor, and the board will have power to take action on finding any discrepancy or misuse of money.

These are only a few of the reforms that the new president shall be undertaking. If his reputation is any indication, more are to follow. Perhaps there is still hope for the BCCI to regain its lost goodwill.

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