Disappointed fans disrupt match

Source: www.skysports.com

The second T20I match between India and South Africa may well have been a disappointing and humiliating experience for the Indian cricket team without fans throwing bottles at them in the middle of the match. Spectators seemed to be out of control after watching the dismaying performance by their beloved team, their worst performance yet rivaled only by their match with Australia in February 2008. India scored 92 in 17.2 overs – a target Australia easily achieved in 18 overs. Many players (current and former) are upset with the crowd behavior and want actions to be taken against those responsible.

Speaking about the role of spectators and the guards, Sunil Gavaskar said quiet aptly-

“The police were standing there without any instructions. The police who are stationed on the boundary perimeter should not be watching cricket but they be monitoring the behavior of the fans,” … “Do the crowd throw valuables when the team does well? When the team does badly, the fans have no business to throw rubbish,”.

He suggested that all BCCI should stop giving financial assistance to the Odisha Cricket Association (the match was held in Odisha) and that the state be banned from hosting cricket matches for some time.

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