India victorious 4/5 (1)


After a series of discouraging losses, the Indian team finally managed to get its head above water when it defeated South Africa in their second ODI match on Wednesday. Fans cheered as India won its second match for this year’s freedom trophy.

Dhoni, who leads India in ODI and T20 series, spoke about the pressures the team faced in the past few days. “It is not an easy game that we play, a lot of people wait with open swords and want you to make mistakes and have fun with it,”

Speaking about the game, he praised the bowlers for their performance but conceded that the team could have performed better. “…overall I would not say it was a complete game because definitely we can play much better with our skills but it is good to win games……It is not every time you lose in home conditions. Yes, we didn’t play to our full capacity, we are not even 80% of what we can, overall it was a good team performance. “

Three more matches remain to played in the ODI series, which will end on 25th October 2015.

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