Thor and Alien in Australia


The Australian government has managed to seal a deal with Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox and globally acclaimed director Ridley Scott, to film their next Thor and Alien movies on Australian soil. Starting next year, these high budget international movies are set to be filmed in Australia.

Foreign minister Julie Bishop credited the deals to the dedicated and persistent efforts of Prime Minister Turnbull, and said they were a “concrete example of what the PM means when he talks about the agility of government, the agility of industry, to support innovation and to deliver jobs.”

Taking the Pirates of the Caribbean as a case in point, she hinted at the massive benefits that can be produced by these deals. When the blockbuster movie was filmed on the Gold Coast of Queensland, it led to a $100 million foreign investment in Australia and created 2600 jobs for Australians. On having clinched a deal for two such international hits, we can expect to receive at least twice the amount of benefits.

Minister Fifield also talked about the deals and their substantive impact on Australian economy and how it can mould its global reputation. “….it also isn’t just the ability for us to highlight Australia as a place to film and do business, it also presents the opportunity for us to showcase Australia.”

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