Nepal – Chilly Winter ahead

Photo: Reuters

2015 has not been a good year for Mr. Oli so far. The earthquake did enough to shatter many of its cities but the activities of the government are really the cause of Nepal’s suffering.

Despite receiving tremendous financial aid from the international community, Nepal government has failed to utilize these funds in treating the wounds of its citizens. The citizens have been further aggravated by the unsatisfactory constitution proposed by the government. Frustrated citizens decided it was not the time to wait it out. The long suffering minority in Nepal – the Madhesi community decided to protest against the constitutional draft by imposing a blockade on the India-Nepal border and restricting fuel supplies from entering Nepal.

Due to the strong ties between Madhesi community and Indian cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the Nepal government has blamed India for the blockade and the relationship between the two countries is on an edge. Whatever it decides, the government has to be quick in resolving this fuel challenge. China has already agreed to send in 100 gasoline trucks to Nepal. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Oli will have to make a decision and reach a more long term solution before problems escalate.

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