Micromax unveils Canvas Lapbook


Micromax has taken its first step into diversifying its products by unveiling its first ever laptop. Its newest product is being cited for its affordable price and its stylish and lightweight features. It is the best notebook available in the market right now at that price, and will give tough competition to rivals Asus EeeBook X205 (Rs. 15,490) and HP Stream 11 (Rs. 19,246).

As Micromax users are aware, the company has created a niche of delivering quality products at affordable rates. The new notebook has managed to pull off a stylish and lasting finish, together with a weight of only 1.3 kg. Its 11.6 inch display coupled with the standards HD Screen resolution is more than sufficient to meet domestic and educative purposes.

But this is as far as affordable laptops go. There will of course be minor issues that you might take time to adjust to. The keys are a tad smaller than you might be used to and will make it difficult to type with speed. While it is great for basic tasks, it is definitely not meant for gaming. On an average day of work, the charging lasts for 24 hours. The display quality is a little better in rival brands Asus EeeBook and HP Stream. But if you are looking for a low cost device to meet your daily needs, no frills included, then this is your best pick for today.

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