Bihar bans liquor sale

Nitish Kumar bans liquor sale in Bihar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made good on his election promise by announcing his decision to ban liquor in Bihar from April 2016.

During his election campaign, Mr. Kumar had promised upset women voters to deliver this ban and reduce cases of alcohol abuse in the state. Mr Kumar had previously geared many initiatives towards education and safety of women. Bihari women are a loyal voter base for him and were instrumental in his re-election this year.

The government had once before tried to impose the ban, but did not succeed. The task will be no easier this time, especially with the 10,000 crore rupees annual hit to the exchequer and the expected surge in spurious alcohol. But Mr. Kumar seems determined to make it work this time.

“Ill effects of liquor are far greater than the revenue we earn from it. I will not back off from my decision,” he said.

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