World AIDS day, 2015


December the first is celebrated as World AIDS Day throughout the world to remind people of a growing epidemic that remains a serious threat to public health despite years of research and awareness campaigns.

Aids has been a prevalent cause of death in African countries but has recently gained prominence in another vulnerable group – teenagers in the Asia and Pacific. Leading researches in the field have concluded that cases of AIDS have been increasing in the Asia and Pacific regions, mostly among the gay community. Investigations into the causes have suggested that the surge in casual sex among men primarily due mobile dating apps has been increasing their exposure to the disease and their vulnerability to it. This group, especially young individuals, is also less inclined to seek treatment for fear of social stigma and isolation.

This AIDS day is a good opportunity for us to understand the difficulties of individuals facing this disease. It is also a day when we can actively spread awareness regarding how we may help such people and restrict further infliction of this disease by taking small, easy steps for personal and global safety. While fighting for freedom and security, let’s not forget to fight for our most basic right for personal health and safety.

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