Accusations of cyber attack baseless, says China

BoM, Australia

China has rubbished allegations of its involvement in a ‘massive’ cyber attack launched on systems at the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia. The allegations were charged on China by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this Wednesday, based on information from “multiple official sources”.

Hua Chunying, A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, declared that China “firmly opposes and cracks down on all forms of cyber-attacks” and believes that “groundless accusations and speculation are not constructive… The parties concerned need to strengthen dialogue and cooperation to jointly solve the problem in a spirit of mutual respect.”

The BoM itself has opted out of commenting on the matter, saying that it will not comment on matters related to national security. The supercomputer at BoM supports the functioning of multiple Australian agencies and any compromise to its system will cause immeasurable damage.

China has often been accused of cyber attacks by other nations but has consistently denied any involvement in such activities. It has repeatedly emphasized that it is itself a victim to Cyber espionage and is firmly opposed to such activities.

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