Thailand halts anti-corruption protest

Thailand military

It has been a busy week for the Thailand government what with reports of Syrian terrorists infiltrating the country and young students protesting against an allegedly corrupt regime.

Russia had warned Thailand on Sunday that ten Islamic State-affiliated Syrians intent on damaging Russian interests had entered Thailand. No further news has been found regarding the subject. This is understandable, considering the latest task that the Thailand military has busied itself with.

The military had stopped and detained members of a youth movement while they were heading for an anti-corruption protest at the military owned Rajabhakti Park. The detainees were released later on Monday, but not before most of them had signed a memorandum of understanding for refraining from further acts of public protest.

The government has agreed to carry out a second investigation into the corruption allegations against some of its senior officials. However, it started very clearly that the student movement had violated official regulations and their proposed intentions were not supported by their actions.

According to government spokesman Maj. Gen. Sansern Keawkamnerd, “What this small group of students does is not about what they claim to do, checking government corruption, because that has to be done with documents not at the park, where there is nothing but hard ground and statues of past kings.”

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