Australian market slows down ahead of expected rise in US interest rates

stocks decline

Investors are redirecting their funds to adapt to gradual changes in the market economy.  The fall in oil prices, the expected rise in US interest rates, the fall of the Chinese yuan and in high yield markets supported by  a general weakness in the commodities market – these are all changes that the investors will take some getting used to.

The expected rise in US rates have gotten investors scrambling to cut their losses. There are experts who believe that the abnormally low interest rates in US are actually the norm now, and may stick around for longer than we think. Meanwhile, the falling oil and iron prices have boosted other industries and made consumers considerably happier with cheaper transport and cheaper goods.

Are we entering a new realigned market, with a new ruling class of top performing products and companies? Or is this just a dry spell for commodities who have not yet let us down?

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