Google to make new campus in Hyderabad

sundar pichai

At a Google for India event held at New Delhi, Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked of a new campus being planned in Hyderabad. This is the first step towards achieving the plans discussed with Narendra Modi during his visit to Google headquarters in Silicon Valley.

There are currently 1500 people working for Google in India. More people will be hired in its new campus.

Google has already started working on the proposed free WiFi zones in 400 Indian railway stations. It is also partnering with National Skill Development Council to train nearly two million new Android developers in the next three years, for promoting better and quicker solutions to local problems.

“This country has given me and Google so much and I just hope we can give much more to the country,” said Pichai. He also listed the three goals that Google is focusing on at the moment – access to better internet connectivity and software quality for India and other developing nations, reshaping Google products to make them more friendly to Indian requirements, and giving easier access on global Google platforms to Indians wishing to build solutions targeting local requirements.

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