The Muslim Phobia

Riverheads High School, Virginia
Riverheads High School, Virginia had to be shut down amid protests by parents against a homework assignment.

A school had to shut down in Virginia after a teacher received threat and protests against alleged muslim religious teachings in class. The backlash came when the teacher asked her students to write a popular Arabic phrase for a homework assignment. The phrase translated to English meant: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”. Outraged parents complained to school authorities and staged protests against such a curriculum.

Riverheads High School, Virginia calligraphy
Students were required to copy a popular phrase in Arabic

The school curriculum requires students to study examples of different religions in the world and the assignment was meant to demonstrate the difficulty of writing Arabic, said school officials. However, they have assured that a different phrase will be used for future assignments.

More than 2000 people supported the teacher on facebook and expressed concern over the overzealous opposition. Many other incidents of anti-muslim sentiments have been observed recently after the Paris attacks earlier last month.

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