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Sydney residents may want to rethink your plans for 31st this month if you don’t want to spend midnight hovering in traffic. More than I million people are expected to attend the fireworks display at the harbor. Many more are expected at other events throughout the city, to celebrate the first midnight of 2016.

The city authorities have announced major road blockages and clearways at different times restricting cars, cyclists and pedestrians:



Blockage Details

City centre Art Gallery Road 5am to 4am
  Macquarie Street 10am to 4am, limited access to Sydney Opera House from 4am and 10am
  King, Market, Park and Pitt Streets 7pm to 4am
  Hickson Road 2pm to 4am, limited access to The Rocks from 2pm to 6pm
  College Street 4pm to 4am
  Castlereagh, Elizabeth and George Streets 7pm to 4am
  Cahill Expressway 11am and 4am
North Sydney Walker Street 8pm to 3am
  Pacific Highway 5pm to 3am
  Miller Street 5pm to 3am

Blues Street

3pm to 3am
Pyrmont Darling Island Road 6pm to 4am, Resident access only.
  Pirrama Road 7pm to 4am
Other major Sydney Harbour Bridge 11pm to 1am
  Anzac Bridge, Victoria Road and the Western Distributor  8.30pm to 9.30pm, 11.30pm to 1am.


Detailed maps of all road closures can be found at Live Traffic. Fortunately, NSW transport has added 3500 extra services for the day, so public transport will actually be more preferable unless, of course, you like the idea of walking to the venue. Keep an eye on live traffic to remain updated with any last minute changes. That’s it. Have fun folks!

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