Melbourne: One dead, six injured in deadly car- truck collision

Footscray car crash

At least seven people were injured after a deadly collision at the corner of Barkly and Gordon streets. At 11:55 am on December 29, two cars and a truck collided due to unknown events, leading to an explosion near a hall in Melbourne.

Although wintnesses have confirmed seeing the explosion, nobody knows what actually caused the sudden accident. One of the injured died on the spot and three were treated at Footscray Drill Hall.

The collision damaged two power lines, causing them to topple on the road. The quick response of emergency services, fire trucks and ambulances was quite helpful in the event.

“We didn’t know what happened at the time but we were assuming something had happened in the hotel or at the front since the building shook,” said Britney, who was at the Plough Hotel at the time of the incident. “When we looked further down the street it was a huge mess. Things were lying everywhere on the floor and it was just really sad to see,” she added.

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