New Year in Sydney

Sydney firewoks new year

Thousands of people gathered around the Sydney Harbour on new year’s eve to join in one of the most romantic and ecstatic celebrations of new year in the world. Lights sparked, music banged and glasses clicked as the new year countdown began and more than one million flooded prime locations to see the fireworks display, which cost around $7 million this year.

The increasing expenditure on fireworks has become controversial recently, but none of that mattered when the fireworks began and viewers were treated to the best display Sydney has shown so far.

Police authorities were extremely pleased with crowd discipline at the harbor, with only a few arrests made for alcohol and drug related issues. There were several assaults and stabbings from around 12 to 2 in the night, but none of them were serious.

Around 300 people headed to Bondi beach after the fireworks and stayed awake till the first sunrise of the new year.

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