Melbourne couple dies after falling from a NZ mountain

dale and stuart

Stuart Jason Hollaway (42) and Dale Amanda Thistlethwaite (35) were found on Jan 1, on the eastern slopes of Mt Silberhorn, the seventh highest mountain in NZ.

The couple was experienced and had begun their climbing trip in New Zealand from the beginning of December. They were both lifetime members of The Melbourne University Mountaineering Club and had been great mentors to the mountaineering community.

Dale and Stuart had lost radio contact around six days ago. Police Inspector Dave Gaskin from Mid South Canterbury has said that the duo fell from a height of 3300m, from the top of the mountain, on December 29, 2015.

Their bodies could not be recovered before New Year’s due to risk of melting ice.

“We are mourning the loss of two very central members of our community. Today we have lost two great friends and mentors. Dale and Stu you will be sorely missed.”, said Daniel Cocker, president of The Melbourne University Mountaineering Club.

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