45 Indians and People of Indian Origin in Forbes’ list of under-30


Forbes has released its annual list of achievers less than 30 years of age. 45 Indians and people of Indian origin have made it to this year’s list. The list includes 600 Americans who are set apart by their creative entrepreneurial leadership in the field of education, media, law and policy, social service, science and nearly fifteen other diverse sectors.

Forbes said that more youngsters are achieving success today than ever before. Youth today is quick, impatient and active and does not wait for age to catch up with their ambitions.

Forbes congratulated Ritesh Agarwal, commending his popular venture ‘OYO Rooms’ for building “a network of 2,200 small hotels in 100 cities across India”, a country “that lacks a steady supply of budget hotel chains”.

Other notable names include Karishma Shah, the youngest person to be hired at Google-X, the secretive laboratory where Google assists young minds in building modern technologies and applications. Anoop Jain also made it to the list, as Founding Director of Sanitation and Health Rights in India, an organization that has contribution greatly in building toilets, collecting human waste and reusing waste methane for cleaning water.

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