LG invents flexible, roll-up TV


One of the most exciting innovations on display at Consumers Electronic Show 2016 was a roll-up screen presented by LG electronics.

LG has been working on the technology for some time and finally has a working model. The current model offers an 18in (45.7cm) corner to corner display, with full HD and 1,200/810 pixels resolution. The company hopes to go much beyond in the future with screens as big as 55 inches and a screen quality five times that of HD.

The current model suffers from more severe drawbacks than its screen size, however. Although it can be rolled, this can be done in only one direction and the screen cannot be folded flat from any angle. The screen is also delicate and easily damaged, with a case of more than a few dead pixels blocking the image.

The company was silent on how they managed the feat. The screen will have great applications for portable TVs and space-saving options in modern homes. Maybe it can evolve into the fold-up digital newspaper that has fascinated us for so long.

But a major concern is the cost of the product when it is finally ready for supply in the market. The company is yet to reveal an estimate for this.

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