Pathankot attack casts doubt on Indian security capabilities

pathankot attacks

Is it true that simple timely actions by Indian forces could have prevented a dreadful attack that resulted in atleast six casualties at Pathankot? Is it true that despite claiming to be one of the advanced countries in the region, India still has gaping holes in the training it has provided to the men that protects its borders?

Whatever their defense, the Indian army cannot escape the fact that once again infiltrators have succeeded in blowing off their defenses and creating chaos in one of the most strategically important military bases of the country.

It seems that India is still far behind in understanding the overtures of its volatile neighbors. Indian citizens in volatile neighborhoods are defenseless without adequate training regarding common tactics employed by incendiaries.

Terrorists have brilliantly taken advantage of their anonymity and the element of surprise in their attacks. It is important to act with speed and efficiency in situations such as these. Unfortunately, not enough people in India are trained to deal with these events. Indian forces are handicapped by their dependency on big teams for logistical support, which slows them down. They are also no match for the countless terrorist recruits willing to die for a cause.

With invasive and destructive activities of terrorist on a rise, India can expect more attacks on its borders and cities; and so can the rest of the world. The world will have to adapt its military accordingly to defeat these game changers in their own game.

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