New Australian invention prompts interest

seabin project

Ten years ago, an ordinary product designer took an extraordinary decision that changed his life. We all talk about climate change and the need to save the world. In the end, do we even do the basics? How many of us dream of taking that momentous step and changing the world around us? But when the time is right, do we do it?

Well, here is a story of two such Australians who dreamed of changing the world and dared to do it. Avid surfers and long time friends Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski found that their second home, the seas, were increasingly difficult to navigate on their surfboards with all the plastic and marine waster floating in their way. Instead of taking this frustration out on innocent people, they decided to do something about it.

The duo quit their daytime jobs as product designers and began working on a prototype of a waste collecting bin that would collect marine waste, which could then be sent for responsible disposal.

After ten years, the pair has now successfully produced and demonstrated their product- the seabin, to great applause and amazement from the rest of the world.

The pair is now very popular on popular social media sites and global media outlets. They are now at a stage where they receive close to around $200,000 every day as donations for funding their production of more of these bins. Most of the donations are from the popular crowdfunding site indiegogo.

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