Samsung Gear S2 Launched In India 5/5 (2)


Samsung unveils Gear 2 on Thursday for the Indian customers. It was launched together with the Samsung VR headset.

Voice Memo – Samsung Gear 2 lets you quickly record voice notes or memos up to five minutes in length.
The Safety assistance feature on your Samsung Gear 2 gives you the ability to send emergency messages right from your wrist.
Hand-free calling – with hand-free calling, you never have to miss a call. You can now receive incoming calls on the Samsung Gear 2 when your mobile device is out of reach or in your pocket.
Measure your heart rate with the heart rate monitor sensor located on the back of your Samsung Gear 2. Record heart rate levels before, during and after exercise.
Your Samsung Gear 2 can be used as a remote control for devices that are controlled by infrared signals, such as many televisions and receiver boxes.
Samsung S Voice – you can use your voice to perform operations you would normally have to do by hand, such as dialing a phone number, sending a text message or playing music.

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