International women’s day

International Women's Day

Today is the international women’s day that will be celebrated all over the world. The first international women’s day was celebrated in the United States on 28th February in the year 1909, it was observed in order to campaign for better pay, better working condition and voting rights.

Now, women’s day is observed globally to encourage women and celebrate their success across the world.

Some of the facts about women on this women’s day:

  1. The word woman is derived from Middle English word ‘wyfman’ which means ‘wife (wyf) of the man’.


  1. Almost one year of a woman’s life is spent by them in deciding their dress.


  1. Usually Man lie more than a woman.


  1. It was the men who started wearing heels in the 1500s, which women adopted later on to look manly.


  1. During heart attacks, instead of chest pain women show symptoms like nausea, shoulder pain and digestive disorders.


  1. In multi-tasking, women are one step ahead.



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