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Food and their timing

We all know for everything to do wonders in life is the timing of that particular thing, same applies to the food too. There are many foods which should be consumed only during a particular time of the day.



The best time to eat rice is noon that is in your lunch. As rice is rich in carbohydrates, so you can use the carbohydrate to the fullest as the metabolism rate of our body is high during that time. While at night it will only lead towards fat accumulation.



Banana is rich in calcium and fiber, which assists in digestion and therefore morning is the best time to have it. But it should not be taken empty stomach as it may upset the stomach because of its high magnesium content. At night, it causes cold and cough.


Beans and lentils:Beans and lentils

The best time to have it is at night, as it can be digested well because of its high fiber content moreover it helps in getting a good sleep. During day time it can increase your appetite leading towards overindulgence.



Toasting with Milk Glass
Toasting with Milk Glass

This rich source of calcium calms down the body and helps in falling asleep. Therefore the best time to drink milk is at night as it also reduces tiredness. Since it is heavy to digest it is not advisable in the morning. It can be favorable for eyes, if taken in the evening.

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