Macedonia closes its border to illegal migrants

A migrant family rests near the border that separates the Greek side from the Macedonian one to be allowed to cross into Macedonia, at the northern Greek border station of Idomeni, Sunday, March 6, 2016. A regional governor called on the Greek government Saturday to declare a state of emergency for the area surrounding the Idomeni border crossing where thousands of migrants are stranded due to border restrictions along the route toward western Europe. (AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu)

Macedonia has completely closed its door to migrants soon after Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia decided to prohibit migrants from entering the country.

Macedonia has been permitting Syrian and Iraqi refugees to enter, but after its neighboring country tightened their course of action, Macedonia too followed it.

“From midnight, there will be no more migration on the Western Balkan route as it took place so far,” said Vesna Gyorkos Znidar, the interior minister of Slovenia.


“Serbia cannot allow itself to become a collective centre for refugees, so it will harmonize all its measures with those of the EU member states,” said Serbia’s Interior Ministry.


Thousands of refugees are stranded in camps at the Macedonia – Greece border.

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