Vijender Singh knocks out Alexander Horvath in Pro-Boxing

Vijender Singh knocks out Alexander Horvath in Pro-Boxing

Vijender Singh marks his fourth consecutive triumph by defeating Hungary’s Alexander Horvath in Pro-Boxing at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

After dictating in the first two rounds, he knocked out Alexander in the third round.

“I got an extra month of training. He was a more experienced boxer (than the previous opponents) so I am happy. I don’t know what happened to his arm. Maybe he is making excuses,” said after the pro-boxing champion.

“This is my fourth professional win, so I am doing good.” Said Vijender Singh

Before the match the Hungarian player said he resorted to snake’s blood to get supernatural power.

“There is a long and proud tradition of drinking fresh snake blood in my family that goes back many centuries. Like my forefathers before me I am a true warrior and will stop at nothing to get my victory. Hungarian soldiers drank snake blood to defeat the Turks all those years ago and now I’m drinking it to beat Singh!” said Horvath.

“The blood of these sacred animals makes me powerful beyond words. With snake blood coursing through my veins there in no way that Singh will defeat me. Since I’ve added snake blood to my diet I have been able to train harder than ever before without tiring and I’m punching harder than ever.”




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