Travelling alone – It’s not a man’s world


Taking the title of the most advanced species in the world has been no easy task for humanity. Even years after the birth of civilisation, there comes a time in some of our lives when we are lost. There are some of us who crave to be with nature, within nature. There are some of us who yearn to let go of the humdrum of life and become one with the wild. Though most of us do not have the courage to do so, a brief travel alone can do wonders to heal our frustrations. But travelling alone is not an easy task, especially if you are a woman. Here are a few tips for all you fellow adventurers out there, wishing to be set free.

Best and safest destinations for women:


Iceland is the most peaceful, beautiful and safe destination for women travellers. Surrounded by a plethora of waterfalls and mountains, many travellers have come to refer the place as Narnia. The locals have gained a reputation as the friendliest people in the world on some internet sites. The magical place has also been nicknamed as the “Land of Ice and Fire” for its rich paradoxical collection of glaciers and lava fields. If you like to loosen your hair a little, Reykjavik is an ideal place, famous for its nightlife and music scene. This is also the place where you are most likely to run into other travellers.

Popular attractions: Whale watching, Northern lights, Skaftafell glacier, Reykjavik


Most women are hesitant to go travelling alone in Asian countries. The language and culture of these areas take some getting used to. Even so, many travel sites have recommended Indonesia as a safe destination for women travellers. Beside cheap food and accommodation, Indonesia offers an abundance of options for relaxation including temples, yoga and beaches.

Popular attractions: Bali, Java, Ubud

Costa Rica

Again a frequent name in travel suggestions for women, Costa Rica is filled with rainforests and beaches for the women adventurers. It offers experiences as diverse as yoga and surf safari. The volcanoes and wildlife in the country are its chief attractions. It is a great destination for adventurers and families alike. The rich biodiversity of the country has earned it the status of the eco-and-adventure tourism capital of Central America.

Popular attractions: Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara, Arenal Volcano, Monteverde, San José

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is generally considered a safe destination for women travelling on their own. Its carefree and chilled out lifestyle is infectious and intoxicating. Whether it is safe for you to stay out till 3-4 am in the morning, by yourself, depends on where you are and what you are doing. Areas near club Paradiso and Escape are quite safe for women. You should know that drug and prostitution are legal and common in Amsterdam, so you may want to be a little careful. But with a few general precautions, there is no reason why your trip cannot be absolutely fun.

Popular attractions: Dam Square, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark


Scandinavia includes the countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is known for its progressive policies relating to gender equality. It has beautiful panoramas of natural scenery and some amazing architectural sights. It offers some of the best displays of northern lights and midnight sun.

Popular attractions: Faroe Islands, Kronborg castle, Copenhagen, Ice Hotel (Sweden), Stockholm, Husky tour, skiing

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