CELTA Certification – What to expect

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Why Celta, what would attract someone to read this article?

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) has a good international reputation (mostly due to its affiliation with Cambridge English) and is an important step for aspiring teachers of the English language. Applicants need to be of level C1 or more and must complete a pre-application task before they are accepted in the program. This pre-application task will not only include basic questions on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation but also an essay on the candidate’s personal views on teaching English. Following that, the candidates will be interviewed face to face or over the telephone.

CELTA is a demanding course and must not be entered into lightly, especially if you are applying for full time. The course will require your focused attention for the duration of an entire month, during which your performance will be both monitored and graded, before you can finally see your name on the certificate. But then anything that is worth having will require efforts to obtain it. CELTA is just such a thing.

During the program, you will get the invaluable opportunity of observing and learning from trained, experienced teachers, who will guide and mentor you throughout the process. You may begin taking lectures (for practice) from the first or second day and will receive detailed feedback from your teacher mentors regarding some of your strengths and weaknesses based on how you manage the class. You will be trained to plan your lessons and will be taught on how to use activities to develop maximum student interactions.

Teaching can be nerve-wrecking and stressful. CELTA prepares its trainees to cope up with the tremendous workload that teachers battle with on a daily basis. The month long training will ensure that when the trainees have to really teach a class, they are prepared to do so with confidence and calm.

Most importantly, CELTA will help you build a network as you get in touch with other trainees with similar dreams and aspirations as yours. Some of these people may become your friends and, as people who are sailing in the same boat as you, may become important sources of motivation in times of distress. And, as you begin working, this network may also be helpful during various stages of your career.

The course costs around $3320 AUD plus £129 for Cambridge Assessment. Aside from this, you may also want to take note of other living and travelling expenses if a training center is far from your house. You may want to temporarily rent a place near the center to avoid getting tired from unnecessary travelling, not to mention the time you would be wasting, especially during rush hours. You can do the course in any country you like and this can considerably reduce your expenses due to the conversion factor – so that’s something to think about. Learning in another country can also be a good experience if you are planning to travel for teaching. Another important thing is that different training centers vary slightly in the syllabus and lesson plans. Also, the mentors are an important differing factor. So, it is better to research a little on that before you pick a center for yourself.

CELTA is designed for training aspiring teachers, especially those without an ounce of training. So, it is a great course for beginners to get a general idea about the profession and the job requirements. As long as you are organised, the pass percentage of the CELTA trainees is quite high.

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