Hunting for coats is one of the most fun parts of winter shopping


No matter how many you get, there is always some style or colour you are missing. Each coat has a different feel to it and gives you a different look. Before you get lost in this never ending maze, jumping from one coat to the other, take a look at this short list of basic coat styles.

Denim Jacket
Although all jackets follow a similar design, the material of the jacket lends it a certain individuality and uniqueness. So goes with denim jackets. Denim jackets give a cool, stylish look and are great for all weathers. Moreover, they are not only great when worn over other dresses, but also when worn by themselves. They give a certain outgoing appearance and are great for casual outings or club nights.

Leather Jacket
There is no need to elaborate on the rich, luxurious feel that leather lends to any object it is associated with. Leather jackets and Denim jackets have almost the same feel but leather gives a sexier and cannot-care-less appearance. One of the great things about leather is you don’t need to wash it. Also, leather is great for winter.

Made popular due to its association with rap and street fashion, hoodies are perhaps the most popular sweaters in the world. They are great in all weathers and perfect for walking. They pair well with sweatpants and jeans. Hoodies are also great when you want to blend in and have some quiet time.

Over coat
The overcoat is one of the classic coats meant for formal events. It is supposed to be worn on top of formal wear such as suits and is tailored with a wide cut for comfort. An overcoat is normally made from high quality wool that can endure extreme weather. Over coats are also called top coats and great coats, depending upon the size and weight.

Printed Coat/Jackets
Since coats were mostly meant to be worn on top of other clothes and most coats have their origins in military uniforms, they were usually monochromatic and rarely dressy. But nowadays, coats have begun to come in various prints and colours. Printed coats give a distinct, bold impact and make a lively impression.

Trench coat
In contrast to the simplicity of the overcoat, the trench coat has more details and is made of sturdier material. Originally designed for the British army, to be worn in trenches, the coat features a long vent at the back to allow for comfort and speed in movement. Its designer, Thomas Burberry, also introduced gabardine – a water repellent fabric, which made the coat popular for everyday use too. The coat is typically long and features a belt at the waist. It is good for all occasions.

Pea coat
A peacoat, like the trench coat, is double breasted but is considerably lighter. It is meant to be worn in the transition period of two seasons, before winter really sets in and after the harshest bits of winter are over. The peacoat is shorter than the trench coat and while the trench coat has a box-like fit, a peacoat is generally made with a trimmer fit.

Car coat
Yes, there are coats out there specifically designed to be worn in cars! Now this is an everyday coat if ever there ever was any. Car coats first came to be designed for protection when driving in open hooded cars. These coats feature an A-line cut and its cuffs are made wide to make it easier to drive. They are simple and all the more effective for it.

Duffle coat
Duffle coats, again, owe their origins to the British navy. They typically feature toggles for buttons, which can be tied with ropes or leather. The duffle coat is more suitable for everyday wear while doing daily chores. Duffle, the fabric that is used in these coats, is strong enough to endure everyday wear and tear.

Traditionally made with caribou or seal skin, parkas were meant for protection against the harsh climate of the Arctic. Parkas come in different sizes and feature a hood lined with fur. They are different from anoraks, in that they have a zipper closure whereas anoraks are pullovers.

Also worth mentioning in this list are ponchos, which have become exceedingly popular in recent years. They are excellent replacements for shawls since they don’t have to be rearranged or managed all the time. Ponchos come in many colours and patterns. They are great for wearing with traditional ethnic dresses.

Cardigans are again great to be worn with traditional, ethnic dresses. Cardigans open at the front and have a long, single line of buttons. They are made from wool and have a specific design that is flattering to women.

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