Akira is a Hindi remake of Tamil film Mouna Guru (2011)


“So What?” must have said the directors when the script incubated Akira with the spirit of Khans; the action of Kumar and the charm of Kapoor!

At the age when girls are supposed to dress up, dance, sing and enjoy, Akira was admitted to a karate training to become a ninja who later cannot restrain from getting into unnecessary fights. To cut short- “she is a Tom boy”. Ha! How easy was that?

Her story evolves after she is sent to the remand home when trying to protect someone and hence, her three years of college career is spoiled.

She is independent, brave heart and bold! This makes her hostel life difficult creating unnecessary rivals.

Will behold you –  Punches and Kicks of Sonakshi.

Could have been better- Konkana’s character

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