Art lessons for your growing child!


As per the cognitive research carried out in Germany, visual art is capable of inducing improved functional interactions in certain regions of the brain. It was found that the activity of making art can even negate or reduce the brain weakening caused due to ageing. Art can be therapeutic to a maturing brain.

The research was carried out on a specific age group of newly retired individuals – one group was given art workshops and the other one was allotted art appreciation classes. After two week sessions, the participants were asked to fill up the Resilience Scales and “a significant improvement in psychological resilience in the visual art production group,” [] was observed as compared to the group that took the art appreciation lessons.

These intriguing results shed light on the importance of enrolling your child for art workshops. Hands on craft and art sessions will keep the brains of your kid involved and negate the malfunctioning of the cells with age.

The world has already witnessed great artists like Picasso who keep on producing art till his death at the age of 91. Louise Bourgeois was yet another artist who died working at the age of 98.

‘An artist never retires.’ is in fact a true phrase; as her brains are always functional and engaged in creativity.

So, if you want your child to be mentally active and fit, engage your kid in arts and crafts lessons on regularly basis.

Clay moulds, painting, colouring are just a few suggestions.

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