Friends of Labour 6th Annual Media Dinner 5/5 (1)


“Multiculturalism and diversity is the modern face of vibrant Australia and Subcontinent community is an integral part of it ”

Subcontinent Friends of Labor (SCFOL) in New South Wales hosted 6th annual dinner on 16th Sep to bring ethnic media with Labor leaders to highlight the issue facing subcontinent communities.

It was first event for the newly elected team under the leadership of President Hassan Kureshi, vice Mahindra Lamsal, Vice President Aruna Chandrala, General Secratry Balraj Sangha, assistant Sec Shoaib Shamas. Treasurer Ali Sikdar and Kushpinder Kaur president women wing.

Parent visa and possible increase in contributory visa charges. It was urged Labor leaders to ensure that Liberals deliver years visa for parents.

SCFOL is jubilant and absolutely aesthetic with the win in the Councils elections. Labor was swamped with the votes in those Councils where subcontinent communities settled. We thanked the community and Labor to entrust their trust to elect Dr Moninder Singh as a councilor for Blacktown and Masood Chaudhary in Campbelltown.

We expect more representation on senior level from the Subcontinent communities in future added by the MC Ejaz Khan.

Hon Tony Burke shadow Minister for Multicultural and citizenship, we will stand always to against bigotry, and discrimination of all kind in our society he said.

Senator McAlister said Pauline Henson comments against Australian Muslims is an attempt to divide the nation and Labor will never support.

President thanked Hon Tony Burke Hon. Jason Clare, Senator MCAlister, Hon. John Robertson, Hon. Edmond Etalla, Hon. Sofi Costis, Mayor Steven Bali councillors, union officials and media friends for their ongoing support.

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