5 strangest places to see in Australia


Australia is a huge region with diversity beautifully accentuating its vast expanse of sprawling lands. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful places on the earth and considered as the safest place to live on the earth…Yes- a few years ago Melbourne was voted as the best place to live in this world- officially! But did you know that your very own Australia has many mysterious treasures too! Apart from huge stretches of pure natural beauty sprawling in every direction, there are a number of sites that are famous for their mysterious backgrounds. Some are creepy, some quirky and others outright romantic, albeit in a completely different aspect. Let us visit some of them:

The Pinnacles

As you Travel North from Perth, you will reach Western Australian Nambung Desert in just over 2hours, depending upon the traffic. Apart from the natural beauty of a dry, deserted desert with golden sand, the place is also and especially liked for, its huge expanse of limestone rocks that lie quaintly arranged in a huge area of around 1 kilometer. Known as Pinnacles, these rocks of vivid shapes and sizes bathed in different hues reminds one of some heavenly planet. But there is a more scary belief attached to them. These rocks once talked and walked! Yes, If we go by beliefs of the natives of this desert region, the rocks actually represent the people who were “gulped” by the sand of this region that is so deceiving, you never know when you walked “on it” and when you will be sinking “into” it with absolutely no one in sight to help till you are completely swallowed by the sand! Locals believe that the people, who became prey to the sand, turned themselves into limestone rocks to warn the travelers for being careful of the sand while walking in the desert. Next time (and if) you go there, try to go as near these limestones as possible and listen what they really “say”- Creepy, eh!

The underground town of Coober Pedy

To the north of Adelaide as you advance towards Alice Springs, you will encounter an expanse of a strange site – red desert! The red desert is famous for opals, houses more than 75% of all opals found in Australia. But there is a more notable thing about the region: Coober Pedy!

Yes, it is the entire mining town with all the normal features – except the fact that it is situated underground! We mean that this entire living town is lying under the ground! When the Australian soldiers were redundant after WWI they were attracted towards the fresh influx of the mining revolution with its very tempting income opportunities that it provided to those who dared. Hence they chose this region for mining and initial results were not that bad. However, the heat was so intense; it could turn a man into baked potato! Necessity is the mother of inventions so some nice innovative minds concluded that if they would start living under the ground then they can be shielded by the intensity of the heat. Hence, an underground colony was formed that kept on expanding with time and today you can see the entire community with  under the ground facilities such as churches, museums and even places to stay at like hotels and hostels! Walking in the town knowing that many facilities are under the ground, is a great perk for the adventurous souls.



To the west side of Byron Bay you will come across Nimbin. The place is really beautiful and can cast a spell on you. However, more tempting is the community that lives here. It is an excellent example of cultural town with a quirky history to it.

The now legendary history of the origins of this town is that in the decade of 1960’s, when music was at its peak with the youth at that time being  the carefree community that were joyful, charming, masters of everything musical and yet largely mysterious! During that period, once a few people came to this region. There were hippies and other artists accompanied by some students. They came to attend a Music and Arts Festival that was organized here. However, after taking part in the festival the students and artists were so enamored by the place that they decided to stay here as a single community! They stayed like a beautiful concoction of people- Carefree Adults, accomplished Artists and inquisitive students. The harmonious blend kept on developing as a single community and has grown into a fully fledged thriving community! One can see a variety of colorful flags representing different communities, quirky crafts stores, and exquisite art collections and yes, also be the one among your friends (perhaps!) to go and see the Hemp Museum- where you will get some precious knowledge to share!

Pink Lake

When you start out from northern Perth you will reach the Western Australian coastal Drive within a few hours. Here you will see beautiful phenomena of nature. The area is famous for its Port Gregory Pink Lake. Otherwise absolutely normal, this lake has waters having pink hue resembling some shades Roses. Lovers of strawberry may find the waters faintly resembling that of a strawberry shake. It can be one of the most romantic places to go with your loved one, as the entire ambiance around this pink lake seems so much filled with air. It is believed that the lake is a thirsty lake that swallows one or 2 people every day and derives its “blood” from them! Did it sound scary? Ha Ha just a joke! – Actually the special type of algae and composition of salt concentration cause this lake to appear pink!

The Devils Marbles

In the region lying half way between Alice Springs and Darwin you will come across Karlu Karlu- yes that’s the name of this site in the language of the Warumungu, Kaytetye, Alyawarra and Warlpiri people, the traditional occupiers of the land. The English name too isn’t less mystical- The Devil Marbles! It is considered as a religious site where you can see a huge number of rocks that are circular in shape, yet stacked perfectly on top of each other. These granite rocks are considerably large but yet succeed in stacking perfectly balanced on each other, that is a strange phenomenon itself considering the fact that they are unusually shaped and mostly round in appearance.

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