Top Australian Fashion trends to look for this winter


Winter is one of the favorite seasons for fashionistas as it allows them to wear a number of garments and accessories-sweater, jackets, jeans, denim, boots. So, you have a wide variety of garments and accessories to experiment with. But with choice comes confusion. So, if you are having a hard time choosing the right wardrobe and shades this winter, here are a few fresh and warm ideas to look hot this winter:

Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots have a certain classic look that makes them a strong contender for winter fashion look, no matter what the year is. However, this year the fashionistas are enamored with retro looks and they aren’t shying from experimenting with colors. Mainstream Colors like black are being replaced with their classical counterparts. Though there is a sizable palette of colors to choose from, don’t pick any of them randomly. People with a good aesthetic knowledge can go for any color that matches their persona and goes along well with their wardrobes. If you are unsure or would rather stick with an easy no=brainer choice then pump up your style with some standard color like burnt copper that either matches or perfectly contrasts just any wardrobe and would invariably attract the eyes. Stick to pastel colors for your skirt and reverse your color choice when searching for the top garment. The bright colored sweater would add a certain harmony to the overall visual character.

Denim for a lingering impact

If you want to leave a soothing lingering impact then rely on denim. With their soothing texture and smooth look, denim may not win you an instant “Wow!” but they do compel many sets of eyes to throw repeated glances. That’s what we call lingering impact. Opt for color harmony while wearing denim. Choose a contrasting color and you will jeopardize the very character of denim. Wear jeans instead of denim skirt as the look will fit the need of winters and also offer a richer character to your overall persona. Light blue is visually palatable without being heavy on the eye. So that can be the color of your denim jacket. Use the dark blue color for jeans to maintain harmonious variation that would offer a soothing look without adding monotony. As for the top, you can either go for white colors or rely on pastel colors with the feminine character like light pink, fade orange, soft green etc.

Turtle neck to add a certain mischief

Turtleneck is another style that can offer you an awesome look this winter. However, you need to be careful while pairing it with the right choice. Skinny jeans are a clear no-no as that would offer unnecessary visual volume to turtleneck. Similarly, pencil skirts should also be avoided. Wear Turtleneck with the garment that offers certain volume. If you want to cut the flab, then just rely on high waist jeans. Due to their very look turtlenecks look great if complimented by layers. If you are blessed with a healthy body then you can also pair them with loose pants or slacks. Variety is a clear plus when it comes to choosing colors. Black and Cream are an easy choice for those who don’t want to think deeply while choosing the best colors. Opt for contrast rather than harmony for the best impact. If you would like to experiment then go for red, bright yellow or green.

Sweats to exude relaxed looks

Sweats are the character style for winters. The cozy, warm looks of sweats clearly announce the arrival of winter in no uncertain terms and also that you are ready to face the chilling challenge! Choosing dark colors would add further warmth to the overall look but avoid black. Blue would look great and the same is true for dark brown. Though not particularly recommendable, if you want to look girlish then may go for red and maroon. Pair them with sweatpants to achieve the harmonious look. To add variation you can opt for light colored jeans. High waist jeans are not very recommendable but if the comfort demands it you may wear one. It won’t give you an awful look but somehow prevent you from looking chic. Prefer well-fitted jeans that are either baggy or skinny.

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