Top Colors to look for this winter


Purple for luxurious looks

If you’d prefer to be called strong lady rather than a pretty girl, then Purple is the color for you. This bright, intense color has a deep luxurious and strong character that vies for your attention. Use it for top wear and don’t match it with another strong color as that would negatively affect the visual impact. The purple calls for a distinct identity and holds a prime position in your color palette so it should be treated with respect. Other colors should agree with the visual character of purple shade.

Military Green for adding an authority

Military Green adds a certain authority to your persona without robbing you off your charm. Yes, their character instantly registers a change when worn by stylish civilians as a casual dress! Fabrics matter a lot when you go for military greens. Go for fluffy, warm or solid fabrics and completely avoid delicate fabrics that don’t do justice with this color. Go for army jackets with strong full-fledged zippers and bottom wear would look great with lots of pockets. Black color would look great with military green. If you are all heart for lighter shades then light gray or pure white would look just fine.

Add a character with Metallic colors

Metallic colors would offer a certain visual charm this winter with their reflecting character and glamorous appeal. It is a great addition to your wardrobe and offers a welcome respite from disturbing color potpourri or too-plain-to-notice shades. Even while maintaining the single shade the metallic color offers a strong attraction with their dazzling looks. Opt for these shades when you want to add oomph to your overall persona. Needless to say, they have a strong party character and should not be worn in corporate places.

Red for a powerful appeal

While pink looks great during spring, red is certainly the color to go for during winters.  This color perfectly blends feminine look and a sharp appeal. What’s more, you can also choose the character you want to offer to your overall persona. Dark shades add intensity while brighter shades add a certain charm. The only thing you should be concern about is overdoing the things. Especially if you are opting for full bright red, then opt for black or other contrasting patterns to prevent it from looking very loud. It looks perfectly fine on light cotton as well as georgette or woolen garments. Go for metallic colored accessories.

Blue for a balance between intensity and evenness

If you want to go for a flowing fabric like velvet or sequin then opt for the midnight blues. Though purple also looks fine on such fabrics, midnight blues add a certain level of evenness. When wearing blue, opt for a brighter upper wear. Blue color goes along well with a number of bright colors like red, orange and yellow. If matching it with white be careful with the shade intensity otherwise you might end up wearing a “corporate uniform”.

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