Alternate Income: How to make your garden add more oxygen to your wallet?


The green plants and blooming flowers have a quaint impact on one’s mind. It gives a feeling of fullness and reinvigorates the senses. Many people harbor the hobby of gardening and for some people, the love for plants is much deeper. But what you probably didn’t know is that apart from adding oxygen to your lungs and mind it can also add new oxygen to your bank accounts. If you pursue a well-planned strategy, your green hobby may even earn you good revenue.

So, here’s how what you need

If you own a house with a huge garden and take care of plants like your own children, then you can start thinking of employing your green hobby to earn some greenbacks. There are a number of ways allowing you to earn from your garden and growing vegetables is just a part of it. There are a number of other ways in which you can earn from your garden.

Vegetable Growing: Does it really make a profitable business?

While you may grow vegetables and sell them commercially, earning a “full-fledged” income will take a considerable time and intense care. Besides, you need expertise and above all, competition is not small. Some vegetables like cherry tomato (returns approx. $100 per sq. meter. and Lettuce (returns approx. $150 per sq. meter.) may seem to be a good option, though. Your major clients could be local supermarkets and restaurants. Things can be more optimistic if your locality has any small food processing unit. You can contact them. But they generally buy a wholesale quantity so you cannot go there with your 3-4 Kg produce. Sure, you can make arrangements with like-minded neighbors and acquaintances and start selling collectively as a single entity.

A few tips to follow

  • Choose plants that offer a number of crops throughout a single season
  • Choose crops that grow quickly such as radishes, lettuces, and spinach. It means you can turn over what you’re growing very quickly.
  • Opt for quick growing plants that would allow you to turn your hard efforts into hard cash…quickly. That makes the deal commercially viable.
  • Select the vegetables that command high market prices

Growing Flowers: Could it be a better option?

While the need-based products invite huge competition and less profit, the things are different with lifestyle products. People focus on price and quality when paying for vegetables they want to consume at a dinner. But while buying a fresh bouquet to as a birthday present for their better-half, it is the aesthetics and visual appeal that rank high. The birthday comes only once a year and one would happily pay premium prices for a premium bouquet of fresh flowers. The best thing is that you don’t have to sell “kilos of flowers” to earn a good margin. What’s more, you can grow a variety of different flowers in different pots thus making the best use of your space and maximize your product portfolio. Here are the different ways you can earn by growing flowers:

Here are a few tips to maximize your revenue and profits

  • Farmer’s markets are the best places where you can directly meet your potential clients enhance your direct profits by eliminating middlemen and make a profitable face-to-face network.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Salons: Aesthetic appeal matters a lot at these places and instead of stuffing the interiors with various artificial showpieces, they prefer to add natural freshness by incorporating fresh flowers to their properties.
  • Most of the big florist’s source flowers from different suppliers. Many of these suppliers are middlemen who add their own profits to the cost price. You can sell your homegrown flowers to them and earn a good profit. Lower costs (as you are the grower and not a middleman) are what make the florist prefer to buy your flowers.

What if you are more of a Hobbyist rather than Commercial Grower?

Well, some people find it difficult to be a commercial grower. Plants just refuse to grow or insects decide to test your patience by destroying as soon as something substantial is coming up. Don’t be disappointed. There is another, smarter way to earn from your garden. You can also open your garden to your neighborhood children as a playground. In today’s world when children are limited to sedentary life and playing or entertainment means TV, Videogames, and internet, you can help them to connect to nature. Keep an affordable monthly fee and fix the hours. Gauge children’s interests for the first 2 months and then you will be able to properly shape your revenue strategy by making your garden more children friendly.

Here are a few tips to earn from your own Playground:

  • Small children require specific care while handling teenagers could be a daunting task. Prefer age groups 9-12. They are not too delicate, are easy to manage and can be taught to maintain discipline.
  • Make your garden more appealing to the children by including flower plants. Go for brightly hued friendly flowers like rose and, if possible, lotus. Jasmine, sunflower, daisies would add more variety and attract children. Search for the flowers that attract butterflies as children are intrigued by them.
  • It pays to invest. Start from small inclusions like a rather simple swing as that can invite children to engage in an entertaining activity and be used to your garden. With time you can decide to add more sophisticated outdoor games for children.
  • Novelty attracts children. So, keep on communicating with them and designing new, more engaging and entertaining games for them. Occasionally participate with them but give them an ample time to enjoy among themselves as age group matters a lot and you might be “too old” for them to feel comfortable.
  • More than equipment and fixtures, it is the activity and games that matter. So ensure that you should have good organizing skills and offer children a limit-free entertainment by including a variety of games in your garden.

•    Arrange Sunday parties for children but keep them low budget. Fortunately, you can win children’s heart by a single lollipop or candy that costs negligible, even if you have to distribute among 10-15 children. Of course, you have to add something substantial like a large size pizza for all! Top it with fresh juices or shakes and you will make them happy and win their loyalty.

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