How can you earn as a poppreneur ?


There was a time when only women were eligible to get a maternal leave. However, parenting is a joint act and fathers too are involved in bringing up the children. With times, the things changed and from 2011, the Australian government has started offering paid paternal leave too. However, bringing up infants is quite demanding…both emotionally and financially. So, you need to engage in some or the other activity to fuel the finances for bringing up your juniors in a better way. So, here are a few ways in which you can enhance your income without compromising with your paternal responsibilities:

Freelance Writer

If you share a special relationship with words and your imagination can beat a jet in speed then you can think of becoming a freelance writer. In fact, the internet can help you a great deal here. There was a time when writers had to struggle to make ends meet but not anymore. You can earn a good income by becoming a freelance writer and writing from your home. Here are a number of options you may try:

  • SEO articles: SEO articles are generally the articles with some focused keywords that intend to optimize the search ranking of a specific website. As a writer, you need to write some informative content around the products or services offered by the client or anything associated with its industry. SEO companies will mail you the requirements and keywords. Pay is generally below average and sometimes very low but in many cases, the quality expectations aren’t very high either that makes the charges agreeable. Exceptions do exist but don’t expect creative satisfaction or sumptuous amounts but you can rely on it for your daily bread and butter.
  • Company Blogs: Many companies prefer to hire freelance writers to write regularly for their company blogs. The quality expectations are comparatively higher and clients can be very demanding at times, that is a positive thing for real writers who see challenges as opportunities. Workflow is regular and pay is good. You might also opt for fixed monthly or weekly payments.
  • Creative articles: If you like to let your imagination run riot and add some strong character to your voice, writing about what interests you then you may go for creative articles. There are a number of online and print magazines that accept freelance writers. However, quality requirements can be very high, competition is fiercer in the sense that there may be many more accomplished writers. However, pay is great and you will get a complete satisfaction. For better response, start with your region’s local and small magazines or blogs.
  • Independent Blogger: As a blogger you will have to struggle but after success earning potential improves. Being a blogger allows you to write what you like without altering your voice to match editorial requirement. You are the writer, editor and publisher. Having a blog also allows you to communicate directly with your audience. You can earn through online affiliate programs, brand engagements and an independent online retailer who publishes informative articles around the products and empower people to make wise buying decisions.

Travel Agent

If the idea of exploring different places in the world thrills you and you possess a rich knowledge of different parts of the world (preferably direct experience), then you can seriously think of becoming an independent travel agent. There are a number of ways in which you can think of earning as a travel agent.

  • As an independent travel agent, you can offer honest travel consultation to your friends and acquaintances including insightful information and helpful facts and figures. You should be able to offer them a valuable advice that is much richer than a huge number of information prices scattered here and there on the net. Explaining any place’s beauty is not information. Tell them about visa requirements, local streets, even bus details. Tell them about cheap ways which are available there for touring around the region, regional customs, dos and don’ts, and how to deal with canny tour guides or clever shopkeepers.
  • Establish business relations with local ticketing agents that will keep you free from legal injunctions and other business related expenses. Once the client is ready, send him to the ticketing agent.
  • Build your own website in order to attract a huge number of clients. Keep on adding interesting and informative details to your site on regular basis
  • You can also try to establish business relations with hotels and tour operators of various regions and earn by selling their services.

Web Developer

As the internet is growing at a fast speed, one needs to have a professional site in order to leave a good impact on clients. So a good web developer is a must in order to make highly functional, feature rich sites, Web development is another field that offers you a stable freelance career. Being qualified isn’t enough; you should have some experience too.

  • Web development needs a variety of software to start work. So ensure that your computer is loaded with all those software and at the same time allows you the storage and speed to match. Prefer laptop that you can take anywhere and install multiple types of specific software.
  • Start locally and try to find people who are look for a web developer. Many people try to find web development projects over the net. Interestingly the competition is a lot fiercer over the net. Try to find the projects offline. You might get your first client in the local park
  • It pays to learn a bit of designing, database management, and other related services. If you cannot, then make a group of likeminded freelancers who can handle design database and SEO. Clients are more inclined to favour the professionals who offer complete package
  • Employ multiple ways to identify new businesses in your locality and offer them your services. Especially industries like hospitality and tourism and e-commerce generally have an acute requirement of web professionals. Identify the new players and contact them immediately

Compose a professional draft with complete portfolio and keep on sending to potential clients on daily basis. Yeah, that’s quite random, but at the same time, quick method and volume can work in your favour.

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