2.0: Khiladi Kumar as fully loaded science fiction villain


2.0 is the upcoming movie starring the legendary Rajinikanth in a protagonist’s role and our very own Khiladi Kumar. Though he has been largely concentrating on comic and serious movies for last some years, this movie is a welcome respite for Akshay’s fans.

Akshay Kumar gets a complete makeover for this movie and promises to glue the audience to the chair with his looks and action. Though playing negative roles is not a new turf for Akshay, the getup and mannerisms that Akshay portrays in his role gives him a distinctly electrifying presence in the movie. Expect a full-packaged deal from the actor who will be seen with unshorn eyebrows, pointed, lengthy nails and even golden eyeballs. Oh, did we mention that he will also be getting a (positively) eerie hairstyle?

It would be interesting to see how the legendary superstar and adrenaline-packed Akshay Kumar would gel in the movie as both have strong roles to play and working with Rajnikanth isn’t a piece of cake even for versatile artists!

However, Rajnikanth said that Akshay, and not he, is the hero of the movie. Well, that says a lot. He also revealed that the movie uses very sophisticated visual effects elevating real action with powerful animation. that is comparable with Hollywood movies. It suffices to say that the film editor Anthony finds the movie to be 10 times more demanding than Robot and could not edit it without wearing 3 D glasses.

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