Illuminations Back With The Despicable Me Series


Illuminations is back with its third instalment of the Despicable Me series and Despicable Me 3 brings back what drew us to the franchise in the first place – a sweet story of a bad man turning good for the love of his family. While in the first part Gru takes in the girls and finds love in second, the third has him meet a twin brother Dru he never knew existed, who is even more successful as a villain than what Gru was and far more flamboyant as a person.

A thousand praises to Illumination for keeping the minions down to the very minimum. In the few scenes they are employed, they do manage to bring in laughter. The best thing is their time as a ruthless prison gang, snapping fingers on unison as they abuse fellow convicts.

It has truckloads of action to keep you entertained and a bit of drama to evoke emotions. There is so much going on in every scene it becomes impossible to stop and complain about anything. Fast-paced and loaded with adventure, this one rarely has a dull moment. Hence, the last instalment of Illuminations can be considered the “Knight and Day” and “Mission Impossible” of animated films.

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